DSAC Leadership Team

DSAC Agency Senior Executives

DSAC, a strategic government agency partnership between the FBI and DHS, will enhance communications and promote the timely and effective exchange of security and intelligence information. The two agencies' top executives have committed resources to continue its mission.

FBI Director

Christopher Wray

Kirstjen M. Nielsen



Federal Bureau of Investigation Department of Homeland Security

DSAC Executive Working Group (EWG)

The DSAC Executive Leaders are composed of FBI, DHS, and private sector company Co-Chairs. Each participant is moving forward the DSAC mission and engaging our members in sharing, learning, and collaboration activities.

Joshua SkuleRichard Kopel

Joshua Skule

Rick Kopel



Executive Assistant Director

Intelligence Branch


Homeland Threats Division

Office of Intelligence and Analysis

Dave KomendatTim Murphy is the Co-Chair for the Private Sector and also President of Thomson Reuters

David Komendat

Timothy P. Murphy

Co-Chair for the Private Sector Co-Chair for the Private Sector
Vice President and Chief Security Officer President
The Boeing Company Thomson Reuters Special Services
Richard C. DavisRonald L. Iden (updated)

Richard C. Davis

Ronald L. Iden

Managing Director & Corporate Security Senior Vice President & Chief Security Officer
United Airlines The Walt Disney Company
Kevin LampeterMark Bullock

Kevin Lampeter

Mark S. Bullock

Executive Vice President and Chief Security & Fraud Officer Director of Security
HSBC North America/US Commonwealth Edison
ADIC Sweeney Jr.

William F. Sweeney Jr.

Assistant Director in Charge Representative

DSAC Program Office (DPO)

Program Director (FBI)

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To reach the DSAC Program Office, please e-mail us at DSAC@fbi.gov.