DSAC Program Office

The DSAC Program Office (DPO) is a cohort of individuals dedicated to enhancing the DSAC user experience and ensuring message consistency across all DSAC entities and partners. The DPO team consists of the following:

DSAC Program Director

Anthony Farinacci

Relationship Managers

Responsible for fostering relationships with member company CSOs and personnel, representing DSAC at various training events throughout the year, maintaining DSAC Portal accessibility and ease of use, and providing exemplary customer service to members or those inquiring about membership.

Communications Team

Responsible for constructing and maintaining consistent DSAC messaging, disseminating all DSAC communications and newsletters, and providing up-to-date announcements on DSAC and private sector initiatives.

Events Team

Responsible for devising, planning, and executing all DSAC-related functions, to include Integrated Analyst Symposia, Domestic Security Executive Academies, and the DSAC Annual Conference.

Business Analytics Team

Ensures that DSAC operates in compliance with federal regulations and policy, monitors user satisfaction and tracks best practices, and maintains comprehensive databases concerning DSAC processes.

Sector Analytic Unit 

Johnny Starrunner

Assigned by industry sectors, Sector Analytic Unit intelligence analysts facilitate information sharing with the FBI's private sector partners providing a bi-lateral exchange of intelligence and information to enhance knowledge of threats and risks towards the private domain.  SAU analysts develop and deliver products and services to member companies to enhance threat protection, and offer personal instruction regarding threat analysis.

Contact us at DSAC@ic.fbi.gov.