Get Involved

People in OfficeThe Domestic Security Alliance Council is a partnership of professionals connecting major U.S. companies with the FBI and DHS to help protect businesses, the economy, and national security.

Be a part of this collaboration and apply to volunteer to help shape the work DSAC is doing for its members and the private sector as a whole.

Below are various ways you as a member can get involved.

  • Apply for the opportunity to join one of the many DSAC Committees such as the Strategic Planning, Membership, Continuing Education, and the Intelligence and Threats Committees to name a few;
  • Attend local and regional training symposia and forums such as the Integrated Analyst Symposium, Domestic Security Executive Academy, and the Regional Analyst Forums;
  • Develop relationships and foster networking with local FBI Field Offices and DHS Fusion Centers;
  • DSAC provides the opportunity for members to host, instruct, or present at the many DSAC events; and
  • Solicit and provide local feedback for sharing with DSAC members and the DSAC Program Office.

Learn about the benefits that DSAC provides to its members.