Get Involved

People in OfficeThe Domestic Security Alliance Council is a partnership of professionals connecting major U.S. companies with the FBI and DHS to help protect businesses, the economy, and national security.

Be a part of this collaboration and apply to volunteer to help shape the work DSAC is doing for its members and the private sector as a whole.

Below are various ways you as a member can get involved.

  • Apply for the opportunity to join one of the many DSAC Committees such as the Strategic Planning, Membership, Continuing Education, and the Intelligence and Threats Committees to name a few;
  • Attend local and regional training symposia and forums such as the Integrated Analyst Symposium, Domestic Security Executive Academy, and the Regional Analyst Forums;
  • Develop relationships and foster networking with local FBI Field Offices and DHS Fusion Centers;
  • DSAC provides the opportunity for members to host, instruct, or present at the many DSAC events; and
  • Solicit and provide local feedback for sharing with DSAC members and the DSAC Program Office.

Learn about the benefits that DSAC provides to its members.






Joining DSAC

To apply for a DSAC membership, fill out our online Membership Application Form, submit it to us, and a DSAC representative will contact you.

Companies that are not approved for membership can form relationships with local DSAC member companies to collaborate and share pertinent information. Contact the DSAC Program Office for the names of these companies. Businesses can also find useful security information in the Topics section of this website.

DSAC Portal

The DSAC portal is a secure, members-only system that provides vetted intelligence on threats and vulnerabilities, details on upcoming events, and tools to collaborate and communicate with fellow members. Learn more about the portal and how to obtain access.