Intellectual Property Protection

Domestic and foreign businesses may try to illegally acquire your company's information. Foreign governments that seek to improve their economies and militaries target U.S. technology companies. Protect the programs and systems that support what makes your company successful and unique. If your company has a technological edge, expect your technology, and those with access to it, to be targeted. If your company has invested time and resources developing a product or idea—protect it!

If you believe your company is a victim of these crimes, contact the FBI or the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center. Investigators cannot act if they are not aware of the problem. The FBI will minimize the disruption to your business and safeguard your privacy and your data during its investigation. Where necessary, the FBI will seek protective orders to preserve trade secrets and business confidentiality.

- Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguard Your Company’s Trade Secrets, Proprietary Information and Research
- National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center
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