DSAC Leadership Team

DSAC Agency Senior Executives

DSAC includes a strategic government agency partnership between the FBI and DHS to enhance communications and promote the timely and effective exchange of security and intelligence information. The two agencies' top executives have committed resources to continue its mission.

FBI DirectorAlejandro Mayorkas

Christopher Wray

Alejandro Mayorkas



Federal Bureau of InvestigationDepartment of Homeland Security

DSAC Executive Working Group (EWG)

The DSAC Executive Leaders are comprised of FBI, DHS, and private sector company Co-Chairs. Each participant is moving forward the DSAC mission and engaging our members in sharing, learning, and collaboration activities.

Joshua Skule

Michael Sullivan

Tamara Hutchinson



Assistant Director

Office of Private Sector

Director, Private Sector Engagement, DHS

Lead, Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Engagement Programs, DHS

Ronald L. Iden (updated)

Ronald L. Iden

Senior Vice President & Chief Security Officer
The Walt Disney Company


ADIC Sweeney Jr.Ronald L. Iden (updated)

ADIC William F. Sweeney Jr.

Jose’ Freig

FBIAmerican Airlines
Richard C. DavisRonald L. Iden (updated)

Deirdre Fike

Joe Donovan

MGM ResortsBeacon Capital
Dave KomendatRonald L. Iden (updated)

David Komendat

Jim Snyder

The Boeing CompanyDomestic Security Partnership DSP

DSAC Program Office (DPO)

Program Director (FBI)

John J. Rovinski Jr.


Contact Us

To reach the DSAC Program Office, please e-mail us at DSAC@fbi.gov.

DSAC Leadership Council

The DSAC Leadership Council is comprised of the EWG, all the chairs and members from the established committees, and representatives from Key Industry Sectors as determined by the EWG. The sectors represent a diverse cross-section of private sector organizations based on industry, geographic region, and other factors. The DSAC Leadership Council shall provide support to the work of the EWG and will maintain liaison with their industry organizations having related security interests. In addition, each member will serve as subject matter experts for their respective industries.

DSAC Committees

The DSAC has established committees to support its members and drive important DSAC functions forward. These committees are chaired by a private sector member company representative. The EWG shall be assisted in carrying out its responsibilities through the work of committees, which currently include:

The Education and Training Committee

is responsible for determining DMO educational needs and planning training for DSAC members.

The Membership and Engagement Committee

is responsible for establishing policies, procedures and standards for the DSAC to include membership, EWG nominations, and vetting or removing members consistent with the basic criteria established by the USG.