DSAC Leadership

Gretchen Burrier

Gretchen Burrier DSAC Executive Working Group, FBI Co-Chair

Gretchen serves as the Section Chief and current Acting Assistant Director of the Office of Private Sector (OPS) within the FBI Intelligence Branch. In this role, she oversees efforts to strengthen FBI partnerships with the U.S. private sector in the furtherance of U.S. national and economic security. Since October 2023, Gretchen has acted as a Co-Chair of the DSAC Executive Working Group.

Tamara Hutchinson

Tammy Hutchinson, DSAC Executive Working Group, DHS Co-Chair

Tamara serves as Director, Private Sector Engagement, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and the DHS DSAC Co-Chair. She leads I&A’s efforts to facilitate intelligence and information sharing with the private sector and oversees several public-private programs, partnerships, and engagements with corporate security leaders to help drive intelligence production and increase awareness of threats to critical infrastructure. She is certified by the Office of Personnel Management as a career appointee to the Senior Executive Service.

Deidre Fike

Deirdre Fike, DSAC Executive Working Group, Private Sector Co-Chair

Deirdre serves as Vice President of Investigations and Intelligence in Corporate Security at MGM Resorts International, Las Vegas, Nevada, and serves as a Co-Chair of the DSAC Executive Working Group. In her role at MGM Resorts International, she sets the strategy for the leadership and management of enterprise investigations. She oversees Internal, Fraud and Cyber Forensic Investigations, the Workplace Violence Program, Emergency Management, Strategic Intelligence, and the Global Security Operations Center. She is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security.

Joe Donovan

Joe Donovan, DSAC Executive Working Group Member

Joe oversees and directs the emergency and response for Beacon Capital Partners’ portfolio within the United States and serves DSAC as an Executive Working Group member. He has worked with 17 real estate management companies to develop and execute emergency and crisis management programs with the goal to minimize the impact of events and to support the local, regional and national public service groups’ needs to respond to events. He is a past Co-Chair of the Commercial Facilities Sector Coordinating Council and was also the Co-Chair of the NIAC Study Working Group for Intelligence Information Sharing Study. In 2013, he received the FBI’s Director’s Award for Community Leadership.

John Raucci, DSAC Executive Working Group Member

John is employed by the Walt Disney Company in Burbank, California, where he is the Vice President responsible for the corporation’s Global Intelligence Program, Threat Analysis, Crisis Management, and the Global Security Communications Center, a 24/7 watch operation responsible for the safety and security of the company and its personnel and property; the global travel safety program, and tactical threat mitigation.  He serves DSAC as an Executive Working Group member. He retired from the FBI in September 2012, served as the Director of Global Investigations for the National Football League (NFL) for five years, and then accepted his current position at the Walt Disney Company.

Brenda Heck - Standard Industries

Brenda Heck, DSAC Executive Working Group Member

Brenda has over 38 years of law enforcement, intelligence, and private sector security leadership experience. Following her retirement from the FBI after 24 years of service, she has served in several corporate security executive leadership roles. These include positions at The Walt Disney Company, Caruso, and Madison Square Garden. In her former role at Standard Industries, she was responsible for designing and executing the organization’s intelligence-driven, risk-based security program to protect the company’s people, assets, and operations. She recently served DSAC as Chair of the DSAC Threat and Resilience Information Sharing Committee (TRISC) and now serves as a DSAC Executive Working Group member.

Ronald Iden

Ron Iden, DSAC Executive Working Group Member

Ron has served for 54 years in a broad range of public and private security related positions. He recently retired after 18 years as the Chief Security Officer for the Walt Disney Company, where he was responsible for all aspects of security for all of Disney’s business assets, more than 200,000 employees, and millions of guests annually. Prior to Disney, Ron enjoyed a 25 year career with the FBI, retiring as the Assistant Director in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Office. His investigative and supervisory responsibilities with the FBI focused on counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and violent crime. After retiring from the FBI, and before assuming the CSO position with Disney, Ron served for one year as the Director of Homeland Security for the State of California under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ron’s first public service role - after acquiring a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a Masters in Public Administration - was as a police officer with the Elk Grove Village, Illinois Police Department, where he attained the rank of a Lieutenant before joining the FBI. During his private sector career, Ron has served in leadership roles with both OSAC and DSAC.

Greg Bretzing

Greg Bretzing, DSAC Executive Working Group, Committee Chair

Greg directs Greenbrier’s worldwide corporate security functions with focused emphasis in cyber security and the security of Greenbrier’s international installations; Greenbrier’s worldwide Safety, Risk, and Information Technology programs. In addition, he assists the company in its government relations activities, guiding Greenbrier’s participation in regulatory and legislative matters. Prior to joining Greenbrier, Greg served 22 years at the FBI.  He currently serves DSAC as Chair of the Membership and Engagement Committee (MEC).  

Arlin Pedrick

Arlin Pedrick, DSAC Executive Working Group Committee Member

Arlin has been the Chief Security Officer at Accenture since May 2018 with responsibility for physical security, security systems, behavioral threat analysis and response, executive protection, travel security, and crisis management. Previously, she was Director, Global Intelligence and Threat Analysis for the Walt Disney Companies and a Director in Walmart Global Security involved in supply chain security and business continuity planning. Before joining the private sector, Arlin had a full career with the Central Intelligence Agency. She now serves as a DSAC Executive Working Group member.

Sean Stalzer, DSAC Executive Working Group, Committee Chair

Sean leads cyber security for Dominion Energy which spans 16 states. As the power company to the Pentagon and most of the internet’s data centers, military bases and most three-letter agencies, every day is spent fending off hostile nation states and criminal actors attempting to bring down the power grid. Sean also serves on the Utah Governor’s Cybersecurity Commission and the boards of both the South Carolina Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Program and the Virginia Cyber Security Partnership. He currently serves DSAC as the Chair of the Threat & Resilience Information Sharing Committee (TRISC).


Tony Strickland

Tony Strickland, Chief Security Officer, CSL Limited

Tony Strickland is Chief Security Officer of CSL Limited, a global biotechnology company with a dynamic portfolio of life-saving medicines, including those that treat hemophilia and immune deficiencies, as well as vaccines to prevent influenza. In this role, Tony has responsibility for protecting the company’s people, intellectual property, and supply chain, as well as incident management and investigations. He is responsible for the protection of all of CSL’s 350-plus locations in more than 35 countries, including manufacturing sites, laboratories, its growing network of CSL Plasma collection centers, and world headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

Since joining CSL as its first-ever Chief Security Officer, Tony has been the architect of the company’s protection strategy, related governance frameworks and enterprise security risk-assessment processes.  He also has built the organization’s global, enterprise-wide Security team from the ground up to support both of CSL’s operating businesses, which include CSL Behring, one of the world’s largest biotherapeutics companies, Seqirus, the second-largest influenza vaccine provider in the world and a leader in pandemic preparedness, and newly acquired Vifor, a leader in iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia therapies.