DSAC Membership

DSAC gives the private sector a voice within the national security community by providing a forum to discuss issues and an opportunity to engage with U.S. government leaders. Company members have exclusive access to a DSAC portal where information on threats facing the private sector is shared. Several times throughout the year, DSAC members are invited to meet, learn, network, and share ideas through exclusive local and national events.

DSAC is a corporate membership program, and there are no dues or fees associated with DSAC membership, products, or events.

To join, a company must be for-profit and generate a minimum of $1 billion in annual revenue, have a chief security officer and security team based in the United States, and show a nexus to U.S. national and economic security. DSAC is especially interested in companies that bring a unique and diverse experience to the program.

Companies interested in applying should already be engaged with their local FBI Field Office. To begin building a relationship, contact the local Field Office and ask to be connected to the Private Sector Coordinator (PSC).

Upon receiving membership, the PSC in the assigned local FBI Field Office becomes the primary touchpoint for the company to reach the FBI and can also be used to connect with the DHS.

To apply for a DSAC membership, fill out and submit the Online Membership Application Form.

-Please note, if your company is a subsidiary, owned by a parent company that has a DSAC membership, your company is already entitled to some DSAC benefits

DSAC Online Membership Application Form

To apply for a DSAC Membership, fill out and submit the online membership application form.

Membership form

DSAC Membership Benefits

DSAC offers members the benefits of:

  • Direct engagement with FBI and DHS professionals 
  • Ongoing access to a network of diverse security experts at the highest levels of the private sector
  • Tailored intelligence and security information from the FBI, DHS, and other federal agencies 
  • Local, regional, and national security information exchanges and symposia
  • Training events and continuing education
  • Access to a secure, member-only information portal

Membership Application Process

Once submitted, DSAC applications go through a three-step process:

  1. The DSAC Program Office reviews applications to ensure all member requirements are met. 
  2. The local FBI Field Office Private Sector Coordinator reviews the application and provides a recommendation for the company to gain membership. If a relationship with the company has not yet been established, the Program Office and Field Office may request a meeting prior to further review of the application.
  3. The DSAC Membership and Engagement Committee (MEC) members individually review the application and recommendation, submit a preliminary vote, and then meet to discuss and cast a final vote.*

*The 2024 voting sessions are scheduled for February, May, August, and November.

DSAC Member Success Stories

“Leveraging our DSAC contact for help in dealing with a serious threat situation in Colorado where we were getting zero local Law Enforcement help was without a doubt, a success story. Our new Best Practice is to run info by him sooner.”

-Director of Asset Protection, Big Lots, Inc.

“The local FBI Outreach Coordinator assisted in connecting me with agents from the Behavioral Threat Analysis Center to present at an internal security conference.”

-Head of NA Corporate Security Services, BASF

“We had an employee get kidnapped in Haiti. My private sector liaison with the Phoenix field office immediately began assisting and coordinating with the local team and Miami field office. Ultimately our employee was released and returned home safely.”

--Director of Corporate Security, Republic Services

“Participation in the DSAC program provides increased credibility to my role as CSO and provides me with contacts and information that I can appropriately leverage to advance the security agenda for my company.”

--Chief Security Officer, AEO, Inc.

“FBI reporting and DSAC briefings have enabled our Corporate Security team to educate the workforce of risks to personnel, information, and facilities. This has led to more security conscience culture throughout the organization.”

--Chief Security Officer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

“Participation and active engagement with DSAC has afforded us with exceptional contacts and support from the Bureau and DHS. The DSEA and Graduate Academies and training provided by DSAC have also been excellent.”

-Chief Security Officer, News Corp

“The DSAC liaison FBI rep helps me get more support from senior management with his visits and briefings at our HQ.”

-Chief Security Officer, Weston Solutions, Inc.

DSAC Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Read facts and more information in the DSAC Brochure.

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