DSAC Program Office

The Program Office for the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC) (DPO) comprises of a team of FBI and DHS employees. The role of the DPO is to institutionalize organizational processes, manage enterprise-level projects, and improve the organization's overall performance. The DPO develops standards and processes, provides outline processes to serve as standard procedures, and encourages and enforces the use of those standards and processes. The DPO also helps with project prioritization, finding project resources, and tracking progress. In its uniquely placed position, the DPO serves as the primary conduit between the Private Sector Partners and FBI executive leadership. The DPO fosters relationships with member company CSOs and personnel, represents DSAC at various training events throughout the year, maintains DSAC Portal accessibility, and provides customer service to members or those inquiring about membership.

To reach the DSAC Program Office, please e-mail us at DSAC@fbi.gov.