Field Office Connectivity

The relationships between the FBI field offices and the DSAC member companies are at the core of the DSAC program. Each DSAC member representative is connected with the local FBI office through the FBI’s Private Sector Coordinator (PSC) who directly supports the field office leadership.

The PSC focuses on partnering with private industry to understand their risks and needs relative to the FBI’s emerging mission priorities. The PSC coordinates meetings between DSAC members and local FBI entities, shares tailored threat-related products and information, and facilitates information exchanges among government and DSAC member companies. The PSC may also facilitate meetings and conferences for local DSAC members and arrange for their attendance at events hosted by FBI Headquarters.

The FBI field offices and PSCs work closely with the Office of Private Sector and DSAC Program Office to identify strategic engagement opportunities for DSAC members, keeping them informed of emerging threats, best practices, and other matters of interest. The PSC serves as a "one-stop shop" for companies.  In today's threat environment, a company may be targeted by any number of different types of threats carried out by a variety of threat actors. Whether a company is the victim of a fraud scheme, a computer intrusion, an insider threat, or any other type of malicious activity, a company can contact the PSC who will connect them with the substantive FBI squad responsible for investigating that activity.

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